Our Rides

Gold Lake Stables

"Horseback Riding with a View"

Open June through September. Call for reservations.
(530) 836-0940

Daily Trail Rides

Our expert wrangler will guide you on rides to nearby lakes and through pine forests. Gold Lake Stables is located in the Lakes Basin Recreation Area off of Gold Lake Highway and offers longer more scenic rides through much steeper terrain. Don't forget your camera!

The Indian Springs Trail is a one & half hour ride that takes you by one of the many natural springs in the Lakes Basin. The Lakes Trail is a two & half hour ride that will show you 4 different lakes! The High Sierra Trail is a four & half hour ride that hits the PCT for a couple miles with spectacular views of 13 different lakes along the way! If you're an experienced rider and want to squeeze in a few more lakes, the Back Country Loop is an all-day adventure where you can see as many as 16 different lakes.

Pack Trips

A horse packing trip is one of the oldest forms of transporting folks and their gear to remote mountain hideaways, and we guarantee it's also the most fun! We feature four basic types of pack trips, but can arrange almost any trip you might want. Our horses cover about twelve miles daily allowing you plenty of time for fishing, relaxing around the campfire or just enjoying the mountains. Pack trips originate from our Gold Lake Pack Station. Trips can be scheduled from the end of July through September, weather permitting.

Spot Trip

Our expert guide will pack you, with your gear and food, to a prearranged camp spot. Once there, our guide will leave with all of the livestock and return to pack you out when you’re ready.

Deluxe All Expense Trip

Leave everything to us on our deluxe trip. We bring the cook, the food, and all the equipment, leaving you responsible for only your own gear. We do the cooking, we do all of the camp chores and we take care of the livestock. The only thing left for you to do is “have fun!” We camp right on the lake and there is easy access for fishing and swimming. There are lots of trails leading to other lakes that are great for hiking or we can saddle up and go on a ride during the day to explore more of the Sierra Nevada’s.

Custom Trips

Custom guided trips are designed to accommodate your special scheduling and destination requirements. Reservations are preferred, but we will work on the spur of the moment whenever possible. Rates will be dependent on trip design.

Daily Trail Rides

Indian Springs Trail
1.5 hours – $87.00/person

Lakes Trail
2.5 hours – $112.00/person

High Sierra Trail
(minimum of 4 people)
4.5 hours – $165.00/person

Back Country Loop
(minimum of 4 people)
6 hours – $235.00/person

Spot Pack Trips

Wades Lake, Spencer Lake, Little Gold Valley

Party of 2 – $550.00 /person
Party of 3 – $535.00 /person
4 or more – $525.00 /person

Deluxe All Expense Trips

(Two Night Minimum - Wades Lake,
Spencer Lake, Little Gold Valley)

Party of 2 – $640.00 /night/person
Party of 3 – $620.00 /night/person
4 or more – $500.00 /night/person

Graeagle Stables

"Family Horseback Rides"

Open May through September. Call for reservations.
(530) 836-0430

Daily Trail Rides

Make some memories that will last a lifetime. Graeagle Stables is located in downtown Graeagle and offers one hour and one & half hour daily rides. These shorter rides are very easy going and relaxing. They are great  rides for the whole family to get together and enjoy. We can take children as young as 5 years of age, so bring the little ones out for their first horseback riding experience.

Pony Rides

Children under 5 years of age can have their first horseback riding experience in a safe environment where friends and family can watch from afar or walk along side and take pictures.

Private Lessons & Youth Program

Along with learning the skills needed for balance and basic control, we also teach about general horse knowledge. It is just as important to know how to take care of the horse as it is to know how to ride it.

See Youth Program

Daily Trail Rides

Maidu Trail
1 hours – $64.00/person

Paiute Trail
1.5 hours – $80.00/person

Pony Rides

A little something for children under 5 years

$30.00 /person

Private Lessons

One on one instruction customized for each individual rider